Terms and Conditions

At CyberZ.in safeguarding data integrity and confidentiality stands as our cornerstone principle. Our infrastructure, akin to a fortress, incorporates an intricately designed and fortified system. This involves an isolated network, alongside disconnected storage devices, securely housed in a fortified physical location.

This meticulous setup ensures an impregnable defense, shielding sensitive data from unauthorized access or potential breaches.

Access to Complete Security Audit Data:

Access to our comprehensive security audit data is a privilege extended exclusively to verified website or company owners for a certain pricing. This verification process, notably including DNS TXT verification, serves as a stringent checkpoint to validate ownership and guarantee the authenticity of access to be given to the owners.

Ethical Auditing Standards:

At CyberZ.in, ethical conduct remains at the forefront of our auditing procedures. We are staunch advocates of the highest ethical standards, conducting audits solely based on publicly available open-source intelligence.

Upholding transparency and integrity, our assessments ensure fairness by relying on information accessible to everyone.

Limitation of Liability:

While CyberZ.in stands as a pillar of support, it’s essential to clarify our liability boundaries. We expressly disclaim any responsibility for incidents arising from audited websites, except in cases where our direct actions are implicated.

Government & Company Audits:

Our auditing protocols are distinctive for government and company websites. Audits involving government entities are undertaken exclusively with explicit authorization. Conversely, audits pertaining to company websites rely solely on publicly available open-source intelligence.

This approach underscores our commitment to impartiality, refraining from accessing internal or proprietary information.

Presentation of Audit Results:

Upon completion of audits, CyberZ.in meticulously presents audit results. However, to maintain confidentiality and prudence, mission-critical specifics are strategically excluded.

Complete access to comprehensive audit information remains solely accessible to website owners after stringent verification, fostering confidentiality and credibility at a pricing.

CyberZ Security Rating (CZSR):

Our proprietary CyberZ Security Rating, an illuminating numerical scale ranging from 1 to 100, is prominently showcased. This rating provides a snapshot of a website’s security status.

Access to in-depth audit details is available through a paid service, offering a deeper analysis of a website’s security infrastructure.

Audit Requests & Responsibilities:

Public access to audit requests is available at no initial cost. However, comprehensive audit data access necessitates payment.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that individuals or entities requesting audits shoulder sole responsibility for outcomes or actions resulting from the audit.

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