Introduction to Computing course in Telugu & English – Cyber Starter Certification

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About Course

Step into the world of computing with our comprehensive “Introduction to Computing” course!

This course is a part of the Cyber Starter training program – a set of courses designed to teach you the abcd’s of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) 👨‍💻

What we will cover in this course:

🖥️ Computer Basics: Ever wondered what goes on inside your computer? Dive into the components of a computer system, get acquainted with operating systems, and explore peripherals and storage devices. We’ll even crack the code on computer networks!

💻 Introduction to Programming: Ready to speak the language of computers? Discover variables, data types, and control structures like if/else and loops. Learn to create functions, handle input/output, and tackle basic errors – it’s like teaching your computer to dance to your tune!

🤔 Problem Solving with Algorithms: Algorithms might sound complex, but we’ll unravel their importance in solving real-world problems. We’ll guide you through flowcharting basics, using pseudocode to crack challenges, and introduce computational thinking – making problem-solving a breeze!

By the end of this course, you’ll be fluent in computer basics, programming fundamentals, and algorithmic thinking. Join us and unlock the keys to the digital kingdom! 💡🚀

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Course Content

Computer Basics

  • Components of a computer system
  • Operating systems overview
  • Understanding peripherals
  • Storage devices
  • Basics of computer networks

Introduction to Programming

Problem Solving with Algorithms