Databases and Web Basics course in Telugu & English – Cyber Starter Certification

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About Course

Get set to explore Databases and Web Basics with our dynamic course! 💻🌐

🗄️ Introduction to Databases: Dive into data storage! We’ll unravel the world of relational and NoSQL database models, explore the importance of normalization, and understand the ABCs of ACID properties in DBMS. Plus, we’ll cover data integrity, and constraints, and provide a comprehensive overview of Database Management Systems!

📈 System Design Basics: Build systems like a boss! Learn about scalability and performance considerations, discover design patterns like singleton, factory, and MVC, and explore architectural styles such as client-server and peer-to-peer. We’ll even delve into load balancing, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery strategies!

🌐 Introduction to Web Technologies: Navigate the web frontier! Understand the ins and outs of front-end vs back-end development, master the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, explore the world of web servers and hosting, and grasp the essentials of web security, including HTTPS, XSS, and CSRF.

Join us on this thrilling journey, and by the end of this course, you’ll be sailing smoothly through databases, designing robust systems, and cruising confidently through web technologies! 🚀💡

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Course Content

Introduction to Databases

  • Database models: relational, NoSQL
  • Normalization in databases
  • ACID properties in DBMS
  • Data integrity and constraints
  • Database Management System Overview

System Design Basics

Introduction to Web Technologies