Data Structures and Algorithms basics course in Telugu & English – Cyber Starter Certification

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About Course

Dive deep into the world of Data and Algorithms with our captivating course! 📊✨

🌳 Fundamentals of Data Structures: Explore the building blocks of data! From arrays to linked lists and the magic of stacks and queues, we’ll journey into binary trees and binary search trees. Let’s also uncover the fascinating world of graphs and their representations!

🔍 Understanding Algorithms: Algorithms are like secret codes to solve puzzles! Get hands-on with sorting algorithms like bubble and selection sorts, and unravel searching algorithms like linear and binary searches. We’ll demystify recursion, tackle algorithm complexity using Big O notation, and even explore optimization techniques!

🧩 Problem-Solving Techniques: Ready to crack real-world challenges? We’ll equip you with the strategies – divide and conquer, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming, and the backtracking approach. Plus, we’ll dive into practical problem-solving with real-life examples!

Embark on this journey and emerge with a strong grasp of data structures, algorithmic concepts, and problem-solving techniques that’ll set you apart in the digital realm! 🚀💡

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Course Content

Fundamentals of Data Structures

  • Arrays and their applications
  • Linked lists and their advantages
  • Stacks and queues
  • Trees: binary trees, binary search trees
  • Graphs and their representations

Understanding Algorithms

Problem-Solving Techniques