Computer Networks course in Telugu & English – Cyber Starter Certification

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About Course

Get on a thrilling journey through Computer Networks with our beginner-friendly course! 🌐🔒

🔌 Networking Fundamentals: Dive into the world of networks! Understand the OSI and TCP/IP models, unravel the secrets of LAN, WAN, and MAN networks, explore different network topologies, and get hands-on with network devices like routers, switches, and hubs. Plus, we’ll untangle the basics of wireless networking!

📡 Network Protocols: Ever wondered how the internet really works? Learn about essential protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and SMTP. Get a grasp of IP addressing with IPv4 vs IPv6, explore the workings of TCP and UDP, and dip your toes into firewalls while uncovering network security threats and vulnerabilities!

🔐 Introduction to Cryptography: Enter the world of secret codes and encryption! Discover the differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption, delve into cryptographic hash functions, learn about public and private keys, explore digital signatures and certificates, and understand the significance of cryptanalysis – it’s like decoding secrets in the digital world!

Join us on this incredible voyage, and by the end of this course, you’ll be cruising through networking fundamentals, unraveling network protocols, and diving into the intriguing realm of cryptography! 🚀🔐

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Course Content

Networking Fundamentals

  • OSI and TCP/IP models
  • Network topologies
  • Network devices: routers, switches, hubs
  • Wireless networking basics

Network Protocols

Introduction to Cryptography