Cyber Starter Certification course in Telugu and English – Learn the computer science engineering easily from basics

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About Bundle

Are you a CSE student? or a tech enthusiast? Want to start learning computer science engineering?

You are at the right place! I teach you in a better, easier, broader, effective, and realistic practical way, and simply a whole lot better than your college’s boring syllabus :-)

Hey, I am Raj Vardhan Rahul, a young 5+ years experienced tech nerd with 2 tech businesses, and I have clients and students from all over the world. Yes, I am qualified to teach you., duh! obviously. I have been through a lot of stuff like with many clients and many situations in my career in terms of real-life experience in this cyber world.

I built this training program, “Cyber Starter” just because many of my CSE (Computer Science Engineering) studying friends asked for a better way to learn things clearly and find a way to stay in touch with real-life stuff with their college studies. You can learn whenever you want. That’s the specialty of this training program.

Think of this training program as a cooler best friend of your CSE degree college studies. I make CSE stuff easier and more meaningful for you. That’s the goal of this training program.

Start your cyber journey with our bilingual Cyber Starter training program course bundle! 🚀

You will get 5 courses when you join this training program.  Here they are:

  1. Introduction to Computing
  2. Data Structures and Algorithms Basics
  3. Software Development Basics
  4. Computer Networks
  5. Databases and Web Basics

🔐 Discover the Basics: Whether you’re fluent in Telugu or English, this bundle brings you the ABCs of Cyber Security and Computer Science. From understanding the fundamentals to navigating the cyber landscape, this course bundle is your gateway to a secure digital world.

🌐 Dual-Language Learning: Dive into cyber essentials in both Telugu and English, ensuring a seamless learning experience for everyone. Perfect for beginners, this course demystifies cyber concepts, making them accessible and easy to grasp, no matter your preferred language!

🛡️ Cyber Empowerment: Gain essential knowledge about cyber threats, security measures, and the foundations of Computer Science. Equip yourself with the tools needed to protect and thrive in today’s digital environment.

Start your journey today and lay the foundation for a secure and informed cyber future! 📚💻

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